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PHBChoices is an innovative, web based care marketplace that is available 24/7. The marketplace is a secure environment where Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders or their proxies can purchase products and services from suppliers in line with their support plan. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) can use PHBChoices to manage all their PHB holders, and is a sustainable solution to deliver the national targets at scale and pace.The beauty of PHBChoices is that facilitates greater choice and control, both for the PHB holder and CCG. The care marketplace is packaged into a membership offer along with a number of other services to make it easier to administer and manage budgets.

Most importantly, it simplifies the management of PHBs for all involved.

Take a quick tour around PHBChoices by clicking on the video below

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PHBChoices Features and Benefits

  • A complete membership solution for health and social care - People can manage all the systems, processes and suppliers in once place, including time and attendance, payroll, audit and so forth.

  • Initiative and easy to use online experience available 24/7 across multiple devices - A retail style online shopping experience where the user is guided through the process from start to finish and is available on any device

  • Safe and secure way of managing cashless budgets with greater visibility - Through virtual accounts and cashless transactions, with the ability to take card payments for self-funders, it is makes it gives transparency and visibility on the budgets, spend and available balance.

  • Audit and reporting - the system makes it easier to report and audit all aspects of process whether a CCG or PHB holder.

  • Search by multiple fields, including location, price and user rating - like high street online shops people can search for products using different criteria

  • Simplification on tired and dated manual processes - through moving manual processes online they have been automated making it much easier to manage the whole process

  • Web based access to safe and secure messaging - all the conversations are kept safely and securely on the system and stored for future reference.

  • Simplifies cash flow and payments - by having the process online the system simplifies the banking process and guarantees payment in seven days


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