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PHBChoices is an innovative, web based care marketplace which enables the purchase of both products and services from a range of local and national suppliers. With PHBChoices, the ability to have control over your care is available for those who receive care funding such as Personal Health Budgets as well as those who self-fund. NHS SBS is providing a sustainable solution to deliver national targets at pace and scale.  The beauty of PHBChoices is that it facilitates greater freedom of choice and control when it comes to healthcare. The care marketplace is packaged into a membership offer along with a number of other services to make it easier to administer and manage budgets.

Most importantly, it simplifies the management of healthcare and support for all involved.

PHB Products and Services

Case Studies

The success story below shows how our NHS partners can overcome the day-to-day challenges they face in the back and middle office.

NW London CCGs

A cost-effective and patient-focused way to manage Personal Health Budgets


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Direct Payment Module
PHBChoices Direct Payment Module enables the transfer of funds directly into an individual's bank account by the CCG, to cover pre-agreed expenditure where cash is required.

Service Bookings
The person in need of care, or their proxy, uses PHBChoices to book the services of their carers, agreeing the amount of care to be provided and the cost of the care; this can either be with their own directly employed carers or with an agency.

Online Diary
Once the care recipient has agreed and booked the services of their carers, this information is automatically populated into their personal online diary, making it easy to view their schedule of care.

Time and Attendance Module
This simplifies the submission and approval of timesheets to record the hours worked, which are then sent directly to the payroll provider to be processed.

PHBPayroll is a fully managed payroll solution. Integrated with the Time and Attendance Module and included as part of PHBChoices Standard Membership, it provides assurance to all stakeholders that payments to the employee and statutory bodies are made.

Budget Calculator
PHBChoices has a built-in calculator to help people estimate the cost of a PHB. The calculator provides a transparent breakdown of the costs for someone in need of care, so that they know how much they can spend on wages, pension, insurance, etc. when they are using directly employed carers. There are a number of parameters within the calculator that are set by the CCG to determine the output from the calculator.


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About Personal Health Budgets
A Personal Health Budget is an amount of funding provided by NHS England to support healthcare requirements for a adult or a child receiving continuing care.
PHBChoices and CCGs
PHBChoices from NHS SBS shifts the focus from the administration and management of PHBs to care and health outcomes.
Personal Health Budget Holders
PHBChoices from NHS SBS, gives Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders choice and control over their own care.
PHBPayroll, provided by NHS Shared Business Services, is a simple, flexible and robust way to manage payroll and pension needs.

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