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Catalogue Content Management Services

Standardised, compliant, controlled ordering processes for your organisation.

Catalogue Content Management

Lord Carter of Coles' report requires NHS organisations to order 80% of their goods via catalogues, to drive savings on contracted, standardised products and reduce the amount of clinical time spent on ordering. Many organisations load catalogue content into a dedicated system or directly into their financial solution, but maintaining data accuracy and delivering content rich with images and GTINS to support the Scan4Safety agenda can be time consuming and chaotic.


The Catalogue Content Management Service from NHS Shared Business Services:

  • Provides a dedicated catalogue management team, made up of experienced procurement professionals, available throughout business hours
  • Creates catalogue content to reflect your contract portfolio, monitoring product compliance and validity and available pricing, from which your requisitioners can order
  • Supports sourcing and benchmarking activities to ensure all catalogue data is offering true best value and is compliant with your SFIs and procurement legislation
  • Maintains data to ensure product and price accuracy
  • Standardises the product range to avoid duplication and drive enriched content
  • Designs a catalogue management strategy in partnership with your team to deliver a focused catalogue in line with clinical need
  • Delivers insight via monthly reports on your catalogue data, its usage and any cost saving opportunities, and a monthly service forum with your NHS SBS catalogue team

Catalogue Content Management Services

"I would not be without the Catalogue Management Team. They are responsive, supportive and helpful [and] have been instrumental in helping CNWL reduce and standardise our catalogue"

Debbie Wright
Head of Procurement
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust



- with NHS SBS' Edge4Health solution or your existing system, so there's no need for additional expenditure on systems - helping you stay in control of your budget.


- typically costing less than an inhouse catalogue manager and locking in the commercial benefits of your contract decisions - supporting your achievement of CIP and savings targets.


- our marketplace monitoring is constant, with updates and changes applied to your catalogue content immediately - getting you closer to the perfect, touchless order.


- ensuring all requisitioning is compliant with your strategic contracts, SFIs and procurement strategy - so your clinical and support staff can be confident every time they place an order.


- delivering insightful management information, rich data and recommendations to ensure you get the best from your investment and drive further savings and efficiencies.


To find out how our Catalogue Content Management Service can support your organisation to achieve its Long Term Plan objectives, please contact the Catalogue Content Management Team on:
0113 307 1535 |