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Catalogue Content Management Services

A service to provide and proactively maintain a comprehensive bespoke Trust catalogue, enabling your organisation to compliantly buy the right items, in the right way at the right price.

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Comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue content is the essential foundation upon which effective and efficient procurement rests. Through it, organisations can be assured that they are purchasing the right items, at the right price. By working in partnership with you and your governance structure, we will help you achieve your strategic aims. Robust catalogue content management means that requisitioning can be done compliantly, by both clinical and support staff, safe in the knowledge that the products are fit for purpose, and saving time and money. 

  • Saves time and money
  • Platform neutral
  • Improves compliance
  • Full year's constant service
  • Cost-effective - typically less than the cost of an in-house service



There is a real focus on back office efficiencies across the NHS and requirements for organisations to devise and implement plans to deliver significant savings and efficiencies (circa 10-15% in real terms by 2021). Lord Carter's focus on the reduction of unwanted variation in costs is supported by the necessity to more closely monitor the range of items ordered, pricing, invoicing compliance and performance to NHS Improvement and others on a monthly basis.

With around £6bn of NHS money currently spent on general supplies per year, trusts are coming under intense political and media scrutiny to assess, reduce and justify their expenditure. Doing this requires flawless fundamentals, including comprehensive, relevant and up-to-date content on their purchasing catalogue. Our service is:

  • platform-neutral - our service complements NHS SBS's Edge4Health platform, or we can work with your existing systems, if preferred (subject to technical requirements)
  • cost-effective - typically less than an in-house catalogue manager
  • compliant - ensuring your practices help you achieve compliance with your strategic contracts and aims, locking in the commercial benefits of your contract decisions. This supports Lord Carter and NHSI's targets as well as working within initiatives such as the Future Operating Model.
  • continuous - we will constantly monitor the quality and effectiveness of your catalogue content against the supplier marketplace, validating content accuracy, tracking price changes and products and ensuring these are agreed with you to capture in your catalogue content.
  • confident - allowing end-users to have confidence in easily finding and accurately ordering the items they need from the catalogue content
  • insightful - providing rich data, management information and recommendations to ensure your spending is controlled and represents value for money.



As a proud member of the NHS family, we are a trusted partner to over 35% of the NHS, and committed to delivering £1bn worth of savings to the NHS by 2020.

Currently delivering catalogue content management to 29 NHS organisations, our team work to ISO27001 and ISAE3402 standards with CIPS qualified support. With significant experience in NHS procurement, we deliver on average:

  • 10,000 line reviews per client per month
  • 2,600 price changes per client per month
  • 27,600 line amendments and cleanses per client per month


We are committed to working with you to develop and deliver a catalogue content management service that works for you, with prices starting at under £26,000 for a full year of continuous support.

The service can be extended if and when required, to encompass areas such as strategic procurement support, inventory management, bespoke projects or even a fully outsourced procurement solution.



Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


"Using the NHS Shared Business Services Catalogue Content Management Service has enabled the strategic team to focus on core commercial procurement activities whilst knowing that our contracted products are kept up to date for our requisitioners to order from."

Bernadette Weaver, Head of Procurement, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust


Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust


"I would not be without the Catalogue Management Team - and my contact Toyah in particular.  They are responsive, supportive and helpful.  The team have been instrumental in helping CNWL reduce and standardise our catalogue - cutting it down from 57,000 items - most of which were not used - to now, halving those that were used to 5,000 lines."

Debbie Wright, Head of Procurement, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust



Contact the Catalogue Content Management team on 0161 2123940 or email sbs.procurement.enquiries@nhs.net

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