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Vehicle Lease and Hire (Vehicle Solutions)

Framework Agreement Description

The vehicle lease and hire framework enables the NHS and public sector authorities to procure a selection of vehicles via lease or hire options. The section of vehicles available via hire or lease, includes; cars, vans, ambulances and minibuses. This framework allows for competitive prices on vehicles due to the corporate discounts achieved by the providers.


Framework Agreement Information

Vehicle Lease and Hire [448KB]

Vehicle Lease and Hire


When does the framework run?
01 October 2018 until 30 September 2022


Who can take advantage?
NHS and Public Sector Organisations within the UK


The vehicle solutions framework is broken down into 3 Lots:
• LOT 1 - Vehicle Fleet Management - The provision of a staff vehicle salary sacrifice or salary deduction scheme
• LOT 2 - Vehicle Lease and/or Hire - The provision of lease or hire of vehicles to include but is not limited to: cars, vans, ambulances and minibuses
• LOT 3 - Fuel Cards - The provision of fuel cards for public sector authorities

What does Lot 2 cover?
- Access to new vehicles with the ability to choose your own specification
- Assistance with renewals
- Relief vehicles including vans, ambulances and minibuses
- Pool Vehicles and booking systems
- All additional maintenance under manufacturers warranties
- Mobility car schemes
- Green schemes
- Short term rentals
- Driver credit and license checks
- Personal contract hire
- Consultancy services






Vehicle Solutions Framework - Vehicle Lease and Hire and Vehicle Fleet Management

What are the benefits of using a framework agreement?
• Direct award and mini-competition options to deliver the most economically advantageous outcome.
 • A detailed OJEU procurement exercise has taken place to ensure that suppliers selected meet all legislative requirements; therefore no formal tendering is required, saving valuable time and money in the procurement process.


Benefits of vehicle lease and hire
• Competitive vehicle prices due to corporate discounts achieved by the providers.
• Solution can be used for the provision of a fleet of pool or relief vehicles.
• Expert consultancy advice provided.
• A variety of hire and leasing options available to meet multiple requirements - use a vehicle for an agreed duration and mileage that suits your organisation.
• Keep your essential car users mobile without the need for outright purchase of vehicles.
• Vehicles are a rapidly depreciating asset and lose value the moment they leave the showroom, leasing a vehicle avoids the need to tie up capital in the purchase.
• Potential to achieve further savings by coordinating the ordering of multiple vehicles.
• Leases can including flexibility to include the cost of the insurance, breakdown cover and maintenance.
• An easy to use online quote and ordering system
• Provide detailed management information in the format and time period specified by the customer


View the framework agreements View the framework agreements

    Supplier Details


    LOT 1 -
    Vehicle Fleet Management

    LOT 2 - 
    Vehicle Lease and/or Hire

    LOT 3 -
    Fuel Cards

     Allstar Business Solutions Ltd  


     Alphabet (GB) Limited 


     Arnold Clark Vehicle Management 





     GMP Drivercare Ltd


     Harvest Energy Ltd  


     Knowles Associates Total Fleet Management Limited


     Daimler Fleet Management UK Ltd 


     NHS Fleet Solutions


     Fuel Mate  




     TCH Leasing



     fuelGenie business fuel card  



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    Framework Contact Info Telephone

    E: NSBS.contractenquiries@nhs.net

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