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Stockport Integrated Care

Case Study: Real-life example of how we have worked with our clients to implement the best solutions

Image representing Stockport Integrated Care

HIS Case Study image

HIS Case Study Challenge  Challenge

Stockport Together was announced as one of the MCP (Multi-Specialty Community Provider) new care models (vanguard) outlined in the NHS 'Five Year Forward View'. The system had ambitious plans for its local hospital, GPs, community, social and mental health services to come together to form one new organisation (Stockport Neighbourhood Care) to provide improved health and social care for local people.

To aid accelerated delivery, one of our senior healthcare improvement leads was engaged to support the design and delivery of the programme.

HIS Case Study Solution  Our solution

We supported system leaders to accelerate delivery of the programme, which included:

HIS Bullet Point  New Care Model & Business Case - development of target operating model and supporting business cases & economic case,

HIS Bullet Point  System PMO - setup and ran the PMO function acting as 'air traffic control' for delivery across the health and care partner organisations,

HIS Bullet Point  Maturity Assessment - review of 40+ projects to assess maturity of delivery which included reviewing plans, benefits, mapping dependencies, stakeholder engagement and resources,

HIS Bullet Point  Enabling infrastructure - alignment of supporting programmes of work to enable new care Benefits model deployment, including Workforce, Estates and IM&T,

HIS Bullet Point  Benefits realisation - mapping and development of a 3 tiered suite of KPIs to support implementation monitoring and provide assurance to system leaders on delivery........

HIS Case Study Outcome  Outcome

There have been many successes associated with the programme, these include:

HIS Bullet Point  Formation of Local Care Organisation (LCO) - a provider alliance known as Stockport Neighbourhood Care with a shared (health & Social care) leadership structure,

HIS Bullet Point  Delivery assurance - providing structure and clear oversight of programme implementation to enable effective decision making,

HIS Bullet Point  New service deployment - establishment of new Crisis response, Active Recovery, Integrated Transfer Teams, Discharge to Assess pathway, GP 7 day access hubs, GP home visiting, Enhanced Case Management and Falls service to name a few.

The road to creating a sustainable health and care system fit for the future within Stockport continues, this work has laid good foundations to build on and has helped establish stronger integrating working across the partnership.


"The SBS team led the PMO office for Stockport Neighbourhood Care producing reporting mechanisms that give a credible system overview. Their style and approach is great to work with and genuinely supports good decision making."

Dr Jaweeda Idoo, Clinical Transformation Director, Stockport Neighbourhood Care

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