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Integrated Procurement Partnering

Providing NHS Trusts with flexible procurement options from project expertise through to a dedicated procurement partnership team.

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Flexible Services

We understand that Trusts have different challenges surrounding their procurement requirements and that each will be focused on specific, key objectives depending on the current processes and systems, as well as the appetite for change. Our flexible procurement service options, covering a full end-to-end integrated procurement service, allow Trusts to tailor their support needs, choosing the most relevant service option to fit with Trusts current and longer term procurement strategy.


Our experience

As a leading NHS procurement partner, we offer an enterprising approach focused on delivering timely, significant and tangible cost improvements for clients using an integrative approach. We can help you to improve control of non-pay spend, to unlock significant savings and new value streams whilst improving catalogue usage, rationalising suppliers and standardising product ranges.


Scope of our services


Provision of highly skilled, strategically minded resource to develop, engage and implement a procurement strategy for compliance with NHS national initiatives and embed local organisation objectives

Bespoke Projects

The resource you need, with the skill set you need to deliver procurement results in accordance with a pre-defined scope of work enabling delivery of key pieces of work, including tender exercises or service improvements

Programme Management & Engagement

Leadership and / or procurement delivery resources to develop and deliver a plan of procurement projects, tender or value-add related, tailored to the organisations requirements using commercial best practice, national standards and collaborative thinking

Inventory Management

Planning, implementation and delivery of an inventory and materials management service, including support on system selection, to give clinical teams the right product at the right time in accordance with your organisations standardised product lists to drive down cost, waste and clinical time spent on procurement

Contract Performance

Specialised supplier relationship management resource to realise your organisations savings potential in its contract portfolio, driving through compliance, supplier performance and efficiencies plus increasing support procurement for operational teams

End-to-end procurement support

Delivered via a dedicated team of qualified and experienced procurement professionals based at your Trust site to provide a comprehensive procurement service. This  enables you to improve non-pay, addressable spend through effective work planning, delivery, stakeholder and clinical support, effective catalogue usage, greater standardisation & supplier rationalisation, improved reporting & compliance through improved processes and control - all supported and kept relevant via the national support network at NHS SBS.

Alignment with National Initiatives

The teams at NHS SBS understand the various national initiatives impacting NHS Trusts including the Lord Carter of Coles recommendations, Sustainability and Transformation Plans, NHS Standards of Procurement, and NHS Supply Chain Future Operating Model to name just a few. Through our approach we are able to provide relevant guidance and support to Trusts to ensure appropriate alignment to these, ensuring implementation of key improvements through the suite of Integrated Procurement Partner services. 



  • Flexibility- choose the support you need to meet your requirements from helping to determine an appropriate procurement strategy, to delivering a single project through to providing an end-to end procurement service
  • Delivery of cost savings and efficiencies through focused and experienced resources, effective planning, application of procurement project methodologies and effective processes and systems.
  • Improved procurement compliance with local and legislative regulations achieved through greater visibility, reporting and enforcement of governance processes.
  • Balanced approach- the ability to tap into and operate both as part of local and national networks to ensure appropriate alignment, accessing the services you need when you need them. Also, we're able to share best practice and evidence of our effective approach based on the various IPP customers.


What our customers think

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust 

"Partnering with NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) to deliver procurement services at our offices has enabled us to ensure our Trust's needs have been successfully met, with the agility to deliver against changing requirements. The on-site presence by SBS has also ensured that clinical and corporate colleagues are effectively engaged in the procurement process to maximise adoption of new agreements and ways of working meaning that savings opportunities turn into reality. It's been a successful partnership and I'd recommend SBS to Trusts for providing procurement services"

Paul Matthew, Associate Director of Finance Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership NHS Trust


Contacting the team

For any queries relating to Integrated Procurement Partnering (IPP) Services please contact the team: sbs.procurement.enquiries@nhs.net

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