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Supplier Contract Performance Management

Providing additional professional resource for monitoring the performance of suppliers using our procurement, commercial and financial expertise.

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Monitoring the performance of suppliers (whether inside or outside the NHS) can be time-consuming and complex.  However, it's vital if you're to ensure that your organisation maintains both robust financial management and governance and sustained value for money.

NHS organisations are increasingly stretched due to limited in-house resource and expertise, especially in relation to procurement and contracting. Yet they face mounting pressure to meet financial targets and the added need to ensure due diligence.

With a portfolio which could comprise hundreds of contracts, how do you guarantee assurance and best practice?

Do you have capacity to ensure that your organisations' contracts:

  • Are regularly reviewed?
  • Are effectively utilised and adhered to?
  • Retain favourable terms and conditions?
  • Are fit-for-purpose?



NHS SBS's Integrated Procurement team is here to provide that additional professional resource. Using our procurement, commercial and financial expertise we'll support any or all of the areas you need, including: top 10 supplier targeting, supplier relationship management, contract creation, migration, and ongoing contract portfolio management, as well as undertaking analysis to maximise operational and financial performance and reduce financial and non-financial risk.

Our teams will help unlock the value from your organisations contracts, whilst improving the end users procurement experience.



We have a proven track record of delivering improved supplier performance across both commercial and inter-NHS contracts. One trust we supported realised significant savings on medical consumables thanks to our in-depth review that identified off-the-shelf packs which delivered a better price and higher quality than the bespoke packs delivered under the original contract.

For another Trust, spending of £259k per annum on respiratory therapy equipment was reduced by £205,000 over five years, thanks to a call off contract which provided the Trust with a choice of suppliers and products.



We have:

  • Procurement, financial and commercial contracting expertise across all categories of spend
  • Significant contract performance management experience  - freeing your staff to concentrate on more strategic activities
  • Experience in the creation and management of both commercial and inter-NHS contracts
  • An auditable track record of successful client outcomes
  • Strong and successful supplier relationships across all key categories of spend


We will work with you to understand your objectives and then plan and deliver a full supplier contract performance service that meets your specific requirements. This is likely to include:

  • Contract Portfolio Assessment/Analysis
  • Contract analysis, segmentation and mapping
  • Strategic review/alignment
  • Benefits realisation and compliance assessment


Stakeholder Engagement

  • Engagement with internal stakeholders to understand the contract user experience, determine needs and priorities - this will continue throughout the length of the relationship
  • Engagement with suppliers to identify innovative improvements and drive price and service performance


Contract Planning

  • Creation of a plan of  contract opportunities, with clear governance and accountabilities
  • Development of a contract management process inline with your contract implementation processes
  • Development of a robust contract database


Service Delivery

  • Engagement and negotiation with suppliers
  • Action on contract amendments and new processes
  • Benefits measurement and reporting
  • Lessons learned - building on a process of continual improvement, realigning and adjusting plans if necessary to maximise outputs



For more information, please contact sbs.procurement.enquiries@nhs.net

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