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Supplier Contract Performance Support

Helping you drive best value and high performance from your contract portfolio.

Supplier Contract Performance

The Long Term Plan commits the NHS to a productivity growth target of at least 1.1% a year, with all savings to be retained and reinvested in more and better patient care. Robust supplier and contract management can support supplier innovation and the achievement of ongoing savings requirements, helping you meet your national objectives and free up your clinical teams from managing supply issues.

Supplier Contract Performance Support from NHS Shared Business Services:Supplier Contract Performance Support

  • Builds and refines your contract database, delivering a full value analysis of your portfolio (inter-NHS and commercial) to identify saving and efficiency opportunities
  • Develops a robust supplier and contract focus system to drive delivery of savings, efficiencies, innovation and improved governance from suppliers
  • Reviews and refocuses agreements to ensure all contracts are offering best value, and are fit for purpose, future proofed and aligned to organisational need
  • Identifies new commercial opportunities and improvements across your supplier processes by working closely with the marketplace and NHS SBS national sourcing team
  • Reports on the successes, risks and opportunities within your supply agreements to ensure full transparency and governance across your supply chain
  • Establishes strong relationships with your suppliers to put your organisation at the forefront of service excellence and new capabilities



- our highly experienced procurement professionals bring a deep understanding of contract optimisation, gained across a wide range of NHS organisations so your organisation benefits from our know-how.


- our teams have a keen eye for identifying opportunities for savings, efficiencies and innovation, so you can be confident in the results we'll achieve for your organisation.

NHS expertiseNHS expertise

- as part of the NHS family, NHS SBS has an in depth understanding of NHS and inter-NHS contract arrangements, enabling us to optimise purchasing routes, savings, innovations and risk management for your organisation.


- we work with your team, stakeholders and suppliers to fully understand your needs, secure buy-in and leverage results
- ensuring we represent the very best value for money, develop your organisational relationships with key suppliers, and free up your team to focus on other projects.


- risks are mitigated and compliance improved via contract transparency and improved supplier relationships.


- we can work with you on a one-off or ongoing basis, depending on what you need.


To find out how our Supplier Contract Performance Support can help your organisation to achieve its Long Term Plan objectives, please contact us on:
0113 307 1535 |