Employees can easily check our FAQs to answer questions they may have about using the MySBSPay App

Our questions are designed to help with any problems NHS employees may have with the application itself, rather than payroll or pensions queries. If employees have payroll or pension queries, they should visit our Self Service Portal instead.

When will you join over 100,000 of your NHS colleagues in downloading the free MySBSPay App?

Apple App Store
Google Play
What are the system requirements for running the application?

Depending on which mobile device type you have you will need:

• For Android, version 13.0 or newer

• For Apple devices, iOS version 1 or newer

• The app is not supported on Windows devices

• It is also currently not configured for tablets, although it may still work on some devices we are unable to offer support at this stage

I am a contractor, rather than directly employed by an NHS Organisation – can I use the app?

If you are not directly employed by an NHS Organisation, whose payroll service is processed by NHS Shared Business Services through the ESR system, then we will not be able to provide you with payslip data through the app at this time.

Problems with first time registration?

You will need to register with the email address that we already hold on record for you from ESR. This ensures that we know you are the valid owner of that email address and keeps your data secure. If you are having any problems then please amend your email address through ESR Self Service, or contact your HR team or manager.

Registering with an incorrect email address

If you register with an email address that is not the same as the one registered under ESR, you will find that you will be unable to get past the “Pay Setup” page in the app. To resolve this, you will need to sign out of the app and register again using the same email address as registered with ESR.

Follow these steps

  • Open the menu icon
  • Press the Log out button
  • Press the register button, and ensure you use the same email address as registered with ESR.
Problems with verification code

We will need you to confirm that you have access to the email address you provided so an automated email should be sent within two minutes of pressing “Send Verification Code”.

These should go in to your inbox but please ensure you double check any spam or junk folders you may have. Once you have received the email, enter the 6 digit code in to the app and complete the rest of the registration process.

If you encounter any problems then you do have the option to “Send code again” where you will receive a new email and code. We also recommend turning off Wi-Fi and using mobile data before requesting a new code, if the code still does not arrive after a few minutes.

Problems with password creation

In order to improve security there are minimum requirements for the password you create. It will need to contain between 8 and 16 characters, with at least 3 of the following 4 character types:


  1. Upper case
  2. Lower case
  3. Number
  4. Special character

You will also need to enter your password carefully in to both boxes and ensure they are the same.

Problems passing the personal details verification stage

Before we are able to display your personal payslip and P60 data, we require you to confirm two pieces of information – National Insurance Number and either Employee or Assignment Number.

Providing all the details you enter are the same as we hold on record for you, you will be granted access to your data.

Problems with data displayed in the app

If for any reason you believe that your details are incorrect, or any information contained within the application differ from what they should be or are missing, then please get in touch with our Employee Service Desk through our Self-Service Portal.

This includes any further queries or problems you may have around your pay details.

Problems using the Chatbot feature

This feature is currently in its early stages so there is a limited number of questions and answers in the background. It currently only contains generic information and explanations for key parts of your payslip and the payroll and pensions processes, rather than any information specific to you as an individual.

This is constantly updated with more data and it learns how to be more useful as it gets asked more questions. Please try to make your question as specific as possible, but not too lengthy and we should be able to get an answer for you.

For more detailed Knowledge Articles and the option to raise a query directly to NHS SBS with regards to your pay or pension, please use the Help section on the homepage.

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If your query relates to your pay or pension:

  • The quickest way to log and track your enquiry is to use our dedicated Employment Services portal at Self-Service Portal, using your Electronic Staff Record (ESR) email address
  • If you experience any difficulties registering for the self-service portal, please visit Self-Service Portal and click on ‘registration issue’
  • If you have not been an NHS employee for more than a month, or are unable to log on to the portal for any reason, please call us on 0303 123 1144. Lines are open Monday-Friday; 8am-6pm. On occasion your waiting time may be longer than we’d like, so to save time you can choose to leave a voicemail with your assignment (staff) number, contact details and a brief description of your query, and a case will be logged for you with the relevant team