MySBSPay - The Pay Day App

MySBSPay is both accessible and flexible, enabling NHS employees to view, interrogate and download their payslips quickly and easily on the go, and raise and track pay related queries via a secure biometric log-on. Additionally, they can see at a glance when they will be next be paid with a countdown to their payday as well as being able to compare their breakdowns on current payslips and P60s with previous ones.

  • View and download current and previous payslips and P60s quickly
  • Raise and track pay related queries directly through the app.
  • Rated above 4 stars in both The App Store and Google Play

User-friendly and easy-access to pay-related information

“I’m a huge advocate of the NHS SBS App. It is very helpful to see at a glance my salary over the last few months and also when the next pay day is – as both can vary from month to month. Rather than having to be at work and logged into ESR, which can be time-consuming, MySBSPay gives Trust employees the flexibility of viewing their payslips very easily at home or on the go from their mobile phone.”

Deirdre Richardson, Associate Chief Pharmacist (Operations) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Convenient way of accessing salary information and saving money

“Previously I would wait for my wage slip and, if I had a question about my pay, I’d then need to call the payroll department. Having the App means that many NHS employees like me can now save lots of time by having everything there on our mobile phone. I also use the App to save money when buying birthday and leaving gifts for colleagues. And I’ve also used it to buy gift cards, cinema vouchers and restaurant deals.”

Lesley Harris, Switchboard Operator at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The free App for everything pay related.

The presence of our app, along with the features, benefits and advantages that it offers for both employees and their NHS organisations, is a free extension of our payroll service and makes it even more robust and resilient.

User Design and Experience

Our pay app is all about making employees’ lives easier and more efficient, which results in happier staff and more productive workforces. This is reflected in design and user experience.

Biometric Log-on

Touch/face ID and fingerprint login ensures users can access their pay information securely and quickly.

Download Payslips

Users are able to view and download current and previous payslips and P60s quickly, as well as use the comprehensive FAQ section to answer pay queries.

Raise and Track Pay Queries

Users are able to raise and track pay related queries directly through the app.

Exclusive Discounts

NHS employees can enjoy hundreds of exclusive high street and online discounts from well-known brands and organisations.

New Device Log-on Alert

Users will be notified if there is a log-on attempt on another device, with this additional security layer.

MySBSPay setup guide

The MySBSPay app is accessible and flexible, enabling NHS employees to view and download their payslips and P60s quickly and easily on the go.

Accessed via secure, biometric login, it also gives users the option to raise and track pay-related queries. The app, and the benefits and advantages it offers both employees and their NHS organisations, is a free extension of our award-winning payroll service making it even more user-friendly and resilient

Download the MySBSPay Brochure 2023 (PDF) [2MB]

Flexibility and convenience at your employee's fingertips

At a time of unprecedented NHS workforce challenges, MySBSPay presents a more convenient, contemporary and user friendly way for NHS employees to access their pay information, minimising the need for pay-related queries and paper payslips, including being able to download PDF versions of payslips.

This contributes to increased NHS workforce efficiency and supports NHS organisations in aligning with the NHS Long Term Plan.

Have you joined the many NHS organisations in encouraging their employees to download and use the MySBSPay App to access their pay information and key worker benefits?

Our Digital Innovation

Aligning to the Secretary of State for Health’s technology vision for the NHS, MySBSPay is a perfect example of where NHS SBS is committed to building upon stable and predictable platforms to help the NHS save money, reduce complexity, deliver workforce efficiencies and enable innovation through digitalisation.

With the NHS Operational Planning and Contracting Guidance 2020/21 in mind, enabling interoperability through automation and robotics is a better use of technology. The MySBSPay roadmap will see the app link into other digital platforms and systems, such as our Self Service Portal and CRM.

At NHS Shared Business Services we are committed to delivering new innovative tools to making the lives of NHS Employees easier to manage – both professionally and personally. For NHS organisations, it provides a flexible and convenient way to give employees access to their payslips and other payroll documents on the go.

This is the start of a new direction for NHS SBS and its products and services, as we look to exploit our capabilities to grow by introducing new automation and robotics to deliver further transformation in our transactional offering.

Governance & Security

From a governance and security perspective, the free app ensures the safe management of all employee data. Access to the app is at the discretion of the individual employee and where they choose to download it, and they are supported by a strictly controlled enrolment and authentication process.

The Free Pay App for NHS Employees

Over 100,000 NHS employees are enjoying the benefits of our free Payroll App, MySBSPay

MySBSPay is a much easier, convenient and user friendly way for you to access your pay information, minimising the need for pay-related queries and paper payslips. Through the app, you can access and download PDF versions of your payslips within seconds and on the go, raise and track pay related queries, as well as enjoy thousands of exclusive online and high street discounts!

You will need to make sure you are on the latest version of the app to access the new Help section so please visit your app store and update as required (version 1.3.3 upwards).

If you are downloading and using the app for the first time, you will need to register with the same email address that is in the Office Details section of your ESR record and this is most likely a work or NHS email. If you have any problems, or feel ESR may need updating, then please get in touch with your HR or Workforce team who can do this for you, before trying to register.

When will you join over 100,000 of your NHS colleagues in downloading the free MySBSPay App?

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Employees can easily check our FAQs to answer questions they may have about using the MySBSPay App

Our questions are designed to help with any problems NHS employees may have with the application itself, rather than payroll or pensions queries. If employees have payroll or pension queries, they should visit our Self Service Portal instead.

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If your query relates to your pay or pension:

  • The quickest way to log and track your enquiry is to use our dedicated Employment Services portal at Self-Service Portal, using your Electronic Staff Record (ESR) email address
  • If you experience any difficulties registering for the self-service portal, please visit Self-Service Portal and click on ‘registration issue’
  • If you have not been an NHS employee for more than a month, or are unable to log on to the portal for any reason, please call us on 0303 123 1144. Lines are open Monday-Friday; 8am-6pm. On occasion your waiting time may be longer than we’d like, so to save time you can choose to leave a voicemail with your assignment (staff) number, contact details and a brief description of your query, and a case will be logged for you with the relevant team

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