Smartcard Registration Authority

NHS SBS was approved as an independent Registration Authority (RA) in 2007 by the Department of Health, enabling us to create and manage smartcards for access to relevant systems, following national RA policy and procedures.

Our service includes.

  • Undertaking delegated RA activities to reduce in-house workload burden.
  • A suite of monthly reports for audit purposes.
  • Production of training guides for both RA and non-RA staff, with direct contact with the RA Team for query resolution.
  • More streamlined employment pathway ensuring smartcards are ready for new employees on the first day of their employment.

Key components of the service are:

Creation of smartcards for all staff as required; including new starters and replacement cards, access controls to required systems, deactivation of access to agreed systems for leavers, smartcard management (deactivation of cards – lost / damaged / stolen etc), direct contact with the RA team for query resolution, employee queries and volume and performance reporting.

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Female Doctor In Office Working At Computer

“We outsource Registration Authority as we do not have the expertise in house. As CCS merged together with two other organisations, it became clear that using separate systems to facilitate the management of smartcards made little sense and we wanted everyone all working in the same way. NHS SBS met all of our requirements and demands and employees throughout the organisation can request changes and the set up will be completed by experienced SBS staff.”

Barbara Elliott, Clinical Systems Manager
Cambridgeshire Community Services

Quick to implement and configure

Our service is quick and easy to implement and provides NHS organisations with a full RA and smartcard management capability.


Our RA service enables NHS organisations to attain a high standard of access control whilst demonstrating best practice in line with national RA policies and procedures.  

Performance reports

Performance and compliance reports provide an effective overview of activity and evidence for your Information Governance assurance and other internal checks e.g. national regulatory bodies and internal auditors such as Monitor, CQC and Internal Audit. 

Dedicated support

Our team understand the challenges faced by NHS organisations and work in partnership to identify and resolve RA and smartcard issues quickly and effectively. 


Cost savings and efficiency gains are quickly realised saving NHS organisations time and money. 

Remote access

Most NHS SBS activity can be undertaken remotely reducing the requirement for our onsite presence, ensuring smoother service delivery for multi-site organisations. 

The Smartcard RA service enables NHS organisations to attain a high standard of access control whilst aligning with best practice, and national RA policies and procedures. It also aligns to NHS strategies to reduce risk and minimise investment burden, as processing is completed by dedicated resources with capacity to effectively manage demand.

Registration Authority Brochure 2023

Our Registration Authority (RA) solution delivers expert knowledge, experience and governance, removing the administrative burden from NHS organisations.

Download Registration Authority Brochure

Why NHS Shared Business Services is the perfect collaborative partner for you...

We help NHS providers with a full end-to-end registration authority and Smartcard service, partnering with some of the largest forward-thinking organisations to release valuable workforce efficiencies and operational costs.

Unrivalled Expertise

Our team have unmatched experience in information governance and Smartcard management, meaning that many NHS organisations don’t have to worry about recruiting, training and managing staff to do this themselves.

Scope and Scalability

Our scope, scalability and subject matter expertise makes us perfect partners to review, suggest, implement and train your workforces so that your employees can focus on other, more important tasks.

Value for Money and Quality Assurance

Our experience and expertise means we understand the NHS landscape and are aligned to NHS strategies to reduce risk and minimise investment burden. We also share a common goal in that we aim to improve quality and efficiency.

Why Partner with us?

We add value through the development and implementation of high-quality, cost effective corporate services, providing a level of innovation and efficiency which would be impossible for an organisation to deliver in isolation.

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