Finance & Accounting Service

Making work faster and easier for the whole NHS.
We are building a user-centric, cloud-based, finance shared service, designed specifically to meet the needs of the NHS.

Combining our shared service delivery expertise and best-in-class service assurance and security standards with market-leading technologies, the service will meet the current and future needs of a 24/7 NHS and deliver an intuitive, consumer-style experience for every NHS employee.

Transforming NHS Finance and Accounting

It will put data and insight into the hands of those who need them to identify opportunities and risks, make decisions, and report quickly and accurately at local, system and national levels. And it will free finance teams’ time to focus on strategic, cost-saving projects.

Market Leading

As market leaders and the largest finance and accounting team in the NHS, service assurance, development and leadership, and unrivalled change management expertise will come built-in.

Cost Effective

Evergreen and continuously improved, the service will be cost-effective, secure and sustainable, always on, and always aligned to the national policy agenda.


Connecting people, organisations and systems on a single platform, it will help buyers, suppliers, clinicians, administrators and finance teams get things right first time, 24 hours a day, from anywhere.’

Why Partner with us?

We add value through the development and implementation of high-quality, cost effective corporate services, providing a level of innovation and efficiency which would be impossible for an organisation to deliver in isolation.

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Finance & Accounting Case Studies

The success stories below show how our NHS partners can overcome the day-to-day challenges with our Finance and Accounting solutions.

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More Finance & Accounting Solutions

We enable our NHS partners to transfer their investment and resource focus from repetitive, transactional work, to transformational projects and frontline patient care by delivering a range of value-added services, via technology that’s continually evolving.