Framework Agreement Description

Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Outsourced Transcription

Reference: SBS/20/SM/WCC/9423
Potential saving opportunities 10% – 20%

The Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition & Outsourced Transcription Services Framework Agreement allows organisations to obtain a wide range of digital solutions and transcription services. Included in this framework agreement are digital dictation, speech recognition, and outsourced transcription services. The framework streamlines the document management process and can provide seamless integration with existing IT systems across the NHS and wider public sector.

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Framework Agreement Information

What is the framework agreement duration?
16 June 2020 – 15 June 2024

Who can take advantage of the framework agreement?
All NHS SBS Approved Organisations

What does this framework agreement cover?
This framework agreement provides a wide range of technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of NHS & wider public sector organisations for Digital Dictation, Speech Recognition and Outsourced Transcription Services. Innovative pricing options provide organisations with the flexibility to either invest in a capital purchase of hardware & software solutions or alternatively purchase the services on a subscription model where hosting options can be discussed or through a price per line basis (i.e. software as a service SaaS) where greater flexibility is a key driver.

The framework agreement has been structured in the following lots:

  • Lot 1a: DD Fixed
  • Lot 1b: DD SAAS
  • Lot 2: SR Fixed and SR SAAS
  • Lot 3: OT
  • Lot 4: Combined Solutions

What are the benefits of using this framework agreement?
Reduces document turnaround time saving valuable time for staff (no more hunting for tapes or hunting for secretaries to type urgent transcriptions).

Streamlines the document management process improving staff productivity by allowing secretaries visibility of workloads.

Value for IT
Seamless integration with IT systems such as EPR, Encrypted Data Files for added security and minimal ongoing support overheads.

Fixed pricing offering competitive rates for hardware and software with various models to support individual organisations with ROI typically achievable within 6-9 months.

A procurement exercise has already has taken place therefore no formal tendering required saving time and money in the procurement process.

Opportunity to run a further competition off the back of the framework agreement or direct award to selected suppliers that meet requirements.

Opportunity for customers to bundle service areas together to delivery efficiency and improvement savings.

An ability for customers to utilise the manage service lot containing all service areas included within this procurement.

Who developed the framework agreement?
The framework agreement was developed with stakeholders from the following NHS Trusts: Hertfordshire Partnership, Northern Devon Healthcare, Pennine Care, South West & St Georges, and Surrey & Sussex. All of these organisations supported the evaluation following a rigorous procurement process which was led by NHS SBS.

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