The Soft FM, Asset Compliance and Security Services Framework Agreement covers key areas of soft facilities management for the public sector. The framework agreement is regionalised across all 32 lots and encompasses a range of SMEs, service specialists and large nationwide providers.

This broad framework agreement covers security services, which includes the supply, installation and maintenance of security and fire alarms. Under the asset compliance lot of the framework, PAT testing and asbestos removal is covered. While the soft facilities management service lot includes cleaning services and grounds and garden maintenance. Within this framework agreement, you can also access a total facilities management services lot, which includes soft facilities management, asset compliance and security services.

Framework Agreement Information

What is the framework agreement duration?
20 July 2020 – 19 January 2025

Who can take advantage of the framework agreement?
The framework agreement is free to access for all Public Sector Organisations across the United Kingdom

What does this framework agreement cover?
To provide Estates, Facilities and Capital teams a compliant route to market for the provision of soft facilities management, products and services from a wide range of estates and maintenance specialisms, utilising both SMEs and national providers, to deliver either a single service, bundled service or provide a fully managed service.

Key services covered:

  • Security Services including Guards and Alarms
  • Courier Services
  • Asbestos Management
  • Water and Legionella
  • Demolition
  • Fire Safety
  • Cleaning
  • Linen and Laundry
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Pnuematic Tube Systems
  • Total Facilities Management

What are the benefits of using this framework agreement?
A compliant procurement exercise has been already undertaken to ensure that the framework suppliers meet all key standards and requirements, saving valuable time and resources

The agreement gives freedom and flexibility for all contracting authorities to either direct award to their preferred supplier(s) or, to run a further competition off the back of the framework agreement, in order to meet the bespoke requirements of each trust and drive down pricing.

The agreement provides a comprehensive range of services relating to soft FM, security and asset compliance. All areas are covered and individually priced, the framework agreement has a wide range of suppliers from SMEs through to national providers.

The appointed suppliers will be able to bring forward new products & services throughout the life of the framework agreement.

All supplier’s ceiling rates are featured in an accessible way.

Who can support you wherever you are in the procurement process.

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Supplier Details

Lots Covered

1.1 Guarding Fixed and Mobile (including Guard Dogs and Sniffer Dogs) Key Holding and Monitoring and response to Security, Fire Alarms monitoring of CCTV and Access Control Systems 2.4 Lift Maintenance 3.5 Grounds and Gardens maintenance
1.2 Security Services Assessment and Design 2.5 Legionella and Water Treatment Services 3.6 Grounds and Hard surface
Landscaping and maintenance
1.3 Supply Installation and maintenance of security alarm fire alarms and access control systems 2.6 Fire Risk Assessments and Consultancy Services 3.7 Grounds and Gardens – Tree Management
1.4 Supply Installation, maintenance of CCTV systems (optional remote monitoring) 2.7 Passive Fire Safety 3.8 Gritting, Snow clearance and Winter Services
1.5 Staff Call/Lone working devices and monitoring (A) Staff Call – Systems (B) Lone Worker System 2.8 Active Fire Safety (including Supply , Installation, Maintenance and Monitoring of Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting) 3.9 Window Cleaning Internal
1.6 Total Security Services Solution (Lots 1.1 – 1.5) 2.9 PAT Testing 3.10 Window Cleaning External
1.7 Porterage 2.10 Pneumatic Tube Systems 3.11 Catering Services General (+
Optional retail outlets)
1.8 Courier Services 3.1 Pest Control 3.12 Catering Services Corporate
2.1 Asbestos Management 3.2 Cleaning Services, Active, Proactive and Responsive; including Deep Clean/Specialist Cleaning 3.13 Total Soft Facilities
Management (Lots 3.1 – 3.12)
2.2 Asbestos Removal 3.3 Cleaning Consumables 4 TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT SERVICES (Soft Facilities Management, Asset Compliance)
2.3 Demolition Services 3.4 Laundry Services

Which suppliers are on the framework agreement?

A C Electrical (North) Ltd

Erith Contractors Ltd

NGS Security Ltd

A&D Environmental Services Limited

Express Linen Services

nmcn PLC

Acorn Analytical Services Limited

FARMSS (Fire Risk and Management Support Services Ltd)

Norwood Electrical (UK) Ltd

Acorn Recruitment Ltd

FG Cleaners Ltd

O.Heap and Son (Derby) Limited

ACP Environmental Ltd

FGH Security Ltd

OCS Group UK Limited

Addison Green Ltd

Fieldway Supplies Limited

OpenView Security Solutions Limited

Advance Guarding Limited

FORTIS Hygiene and Maintenance Services

OPS Environmental Services Ltd

Aerocom (UK) Ltd

Frankham Consultancy Group Limited

Orbis Protect Ltd

Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd

G4S Facilities Management (UK) Limited

OTIS Limited

AirTube Technologies Limited

G4S Secure Solutions (UK) Ltd

Pennington Choices Ltd

Alben Landscapes Ltd

Gemini Grp Ltd


Allied Lift Services Division (UK) Ltd

Gould Landscapes Ltd

Pier Contractors Limited

Allium Environmental Limited


Proeconomy Limited

Antac Support Services Ltd

Groundwork Landscapes Ltd

Profile Security Services Limited

APM Cleaning and Repair Ltd

Guarding Solutions and Training Services Ltd

Quirepace Ltd

Arrow County Supplies Limited

Halo Security Solutions Ltd

R Duckworth (Wholesale) Ltd

Aspect Contracts Ltd

Harmony Fire Ltd

Recom Solutions Ltd

Bradley Environmental Consultants Ltd

Hawkesworth Appliance Testing Limited

Reflex Systems Ltd

Calderdale and Huddersfield Solutions Ltd


Rentokil Initial UK Limited

CCS Jeweltone Ltd

HESIS Limited


Central Laundry Ltd

Hi-Spec Facilities Support Company PLC

Sailsbury Trading Limited

City & Kent Cleaning Ltd

HSL Compliance Ltd

Samson Security Limited

CLC Contractors Limited

Inspectas Compliance Ltd

Sentinel Environmental Consultancy

Cleantec Services Limited

International Fire Consultants Limited

SGC Holdings Ltd T/A SGC Security Services Limited

Clear Choice Ltd

Interserve FS (UK) Limited

Simply Serve Ltd

Clearstone Solutions

ISS Mediclean Ltd T/A ISS Facility Services Healthcare


Clearwater Technology Ltd

k9 Search Solutions Ltd

SPIE Scotshield Ltd

Compass Contract Services Limited T/A Medirest


SSG Support Services Group Ltd

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Limited

LAR Limited

Stanley Security

Croma Vigilant

Life Environmental Services Ltd

Synergy Health Managed Services Ltd

Dem-Master Demolition Ltd

Lift and Engineering Services Ltd

Terminix UK Ltd

Drax (UK) Limited

Lingwood Security Management Limited

Tersus Consultancy Limited

Ductclean (UK) Ltd T/A DCUK FM

Lucion Services Limited

Tetra Consulting Limited

Ecolog International FZE

M&G Fire Protection (Essex) Ltd

Titan Facilities Management (NW) Ltd

EFT Systems Ltd

MAN Commercial Protection Ltd

TRAC Associates Limited

Element Materials Technology Environmental UK Ltd

Manpower Direct (UK) Limited

Treetops De-Vegetation Services Ltd

Elis UK Ltd (formerly Berendsen UK Ltd)

Mark Walker (Grounds Maintenance) Ltd

Treewise Solutions Limited

Environmental Essentials Ltd

Marlowe Fire and Security Limited

Trinity Fire and Security Systems Ltd

Environtec Limited

NGS Gritting Services

Woods Building Services Limited T/A AA Woods

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