Source to Settle

An integrated, end-to-end Finance & Accounting and Procurement solution that enables NHS organisations and systems to plan, source, purchase and pay for products and services efficiently, effectively, and compliantly, in a streamlined and consistent way.

  • Streamlined, automated transactional processes
  • Optimal non-pay savings, improved functionality and a better user experience via state-of-the-art technology
  • ICS-based and organisational-level analytics & reporting across total spend, all suppliers, individual contracts and all assets to enhance visibility, control and inform strategic decision making

An integrated Finance & Accounting and Procurement service.

The move to Integrated Care Systems gives the NHS a once in a generation opportunity to collaborate in building a strategic procurement function that delivers end-to-end cost-effectiveness and cost-efficiency, supports the delivery of the national health agenda, and delivers greater value for the NHS and for patients.

The NHS SBS Source to Settle solution is an integrated, end-to-end Finance & Accounting and Procurement service. From procurement planning and strategy development, through purchasing and payment, to evaluation and insight.

Fully aligned to the national agenda, and developed to deliver cost-efficiency savings and standardisation, it embeds:

Control and governance

Throughout the complete Finance, Accounting and Procurement processes, promoting transparency and accountability.

Sustainability and social value

Strive to contribute positively to societal and environmental aspects, aligning with wider aims and cost efficiencies.

Insight-driven, system-wide collaboration

Collaboration based on data driven insights enhances decision making and efficiency across the healthcare landscape and is the cornerstone of the integrated system.

Why Partner with us?

We add value through the development and implementation of high-quality, cost effective corporate services, providing a level of innovation and efficiency which would be impossible for an organisation to deliver in isolation.

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Integrated Care System Case Studies

The success stories below show how our NHS partners can overcome the day-to-day challenges they face in the back and middle office.

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