Systematic Quality Improvement

Improved quality means healthcare which is more effective, timely, efficient and safer than ever before. At present, evidence shows that healthcare is not always safe, with some patients and service users having poor experiences and outcomes.

Health and social care providers face the dual challenge of responding to this whilst simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Although some organisations have adopted approaches such as Lean, many have failed to gain traction and make improvements that stick. Yet the benefits are clear – around 80% of NHS trusts rated ‘outstanding’ by the QCC have a systematic approach to quality improvement (QI).

Embedding QI requires a fundamental shift in how an organisation approaches work, re-positioning senior leaders into ‘problem framers’. By creating an environment in which problem solvers from all parts of the organisation can thrive, continued improvements in quality, cost and performance can be achieved.

Delivering the ambitions of the NHS Long Term Plan will rely on local health systems having the QI capability to develop new ways of working that deliver improved outcomes, efficiency and reduce unwanted variation in performance.

Systematic Quality Improvement

“Andrew (SBS) worked with me to lead a QI approach “The Big Room” that empowered front line staff to embed continuous improvement. The patient outcomes were amazing and I hope we can embrace this as a model for the entire NHS.”

Dr Jaweeda Idoo, Clinical Transformation Director, Stockport Neighbourhood Care

Our Solution

We work with you to develop a tailored programme that embeds QI based on Lean and other tried and tested improvement methodologies.


Using an assessment framework, we will gauge the maturity of your QI approach and identity areas for further development.


Guiding leaders to develop a systematic QI approach.

Leadership development

Providing everything from an introduction to QI for managers to bespoke executive leadership coaching.

Structured training programme

Development and roll out of a bespoke staff training programme, supported by a certification process.

Coaching and mentoring

Setup and development of your own in-house improvement capability supported by one-to-one coaching and mentoring over a sustained period with our improvement leads.


Designing and implementing a structured roll out programme to deliver improved patient care.


By working with us, organisations can deliver improved results for patients, staff and the organisation, including:


A QI methodology built into the DNA of the organisation.

Quality leaders

At all levels that support and enable front line teams to improve.

Return on investment

Through improved results in quality, cost and performance.

Valued workforce

Equipped with QI skills which they are able to embed within business as usual activities.

Capacity and capability

Sharing knowledge to create a high performing internal team of advanced practitioners.

Why Partner with us?

We add value through the development and implementation of high-quality, cost effective corporate services, providing a level of innovation and efficiency which would be impossible for an organisation to deliver in isolation.

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