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NHS SBS are committed to supporting the NHS and other public sector organisations, adopt innovative goods and services, and to support suppliers to bring their innovative ideas to the market.

We have various existing health care and corporate frameworks which can be found here: Framework Agreements

If you have any other innovative products, services and/or solutions that you’d like to discuss further with the teams please review the information below first to ensure your idea is in line with what the team is looking for before sharing further information.

What ideas are we looking for?

We’re keen to learn about any innovative ideas that meet with the following criteria:

  • The product/service is not already covered by one of our existing frameworks as detailed on our website
  • A true innovation not just an improvement or upgrade to an existing product
  • Products must have been accredited with the appropriate quality standards and legislation
  • CE Marked (where applicable)
  • There is relevant documented evidence to support the innovation (where possible)
  • Evidence of published clinical papers and reference sites to support the products (where possible/applicable)

Why Partner with us?

Created as a unique joint venture with the Department of Health and Social Care, our sole purpose is to deliver the most cost effective and highest quality shared services to the NHS. Our scale and scope are unparalleled.

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