Supplier account set up/ amendment

I am an existing supplier for an NHS SBS client organisation, who wants to change address and bank details. What do I need to do?If you are an existing supplier trading with NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHS Commissioning Board, Monitor and NHS Trust Development Authority), Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) or Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) then please use the ISFE Supplier Amendment Request Form.

The Supplier Amendment Request form can be obtained through If you are an existing supplier trading with other NHS Shared Business Services client organisations (e.g NHS Foundation Trusts, CICs etc.) that do not fall under NHS England/ NHS Improvement then please use the R12 Supplier Amendment Request Form. The Supplier Amendment Request form can be obtained through

I am a new supplier for an NHS SBS client organisation, what do I need to do?

If you are a new supplier trading with NHS Shared Business Services client Organisations including NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHS Commissioning Board, Monitor and NHS Trust Development Authority), Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and the Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) then your details must be submitted by the client.

Client organisation details

How do I find out a client’s organisation ID and their payables codes?

This information can be obtained by contacting our Client Service Centre on 0303 123 1177.

What is a client organisation and payables code?

Please replace Phoenix House, Topcliffe Lane, WF3 1WE with the following, where XXX represents the organisational code of the NHS body, and Z123 represents the four-digit payables code associated with that account.

XXX payables Z123 (this should be the code for the individual organisation and account)
PO Box 312
LS11 1HP

Which hospitals/ locations belong to a particular client organisation?

The NHS Choices website can help. Please click here to visit the website and in the Site Search enter the name of the client. A list of locations and hospitals for the organisation will be displayed.

Which client should I invoice?

Refer to NHS Choices website, where the correct Trust/ authority can be found. Please click here to visit the website.

Here you can enter a search on post code or street name.

It is imperative that invoices are billed to the correct entity (commissioning or provisioning) to avoid the invoice being rejected by the client, as this will cause delays. If there is any doubt please contact the client to confirm.

Submitting invoices

I do not have a standard invoice, how do I request payment?

A standard invoice template is available to download on the Good Invoicing Practice webpage, please click here.

How should I submit my invoices to NHS SBS?

Send an Electronic Invoice via Tradeshift

By far the best way to send us your invoices is electronically via our E-Invoice partner Tradeshift. This helps the NHS meet their paperless invoice targets and improves the quality of information across the system.

This service either:

Integrates your financial system with ours; giving you instant confirmation of submission and near real-time view of your invoices within your systems


Gives you web portal access to submit and track your invoices; with instant confirmation of submission and then 15 minute updates as to the location of the invoice within the system

For more information and to register, please visit:

Send a PDF copy via Email

We can accept single Invoice PDFs by email. The email address below is ONLY used for processing invoices. Emailed invoices must meet the specified format. Any emails which do not meet these criteria will be automatically deleted.

The email address is:

Guidelines for Emailing Invoices

  • Invoices must comply with our Good Invoicing Practice
  • This ensures all correct data is within the Invoice in a consistent way
  • Only PDF email attachments can be accepted
  • Other file types and nested emails cannot be accepted and will go into an exception process

One invoice per PDF

  • Backing documents must be included in the same PDF as the relevant invoice
  • Emails with multiple PDFs are acceptable. For example
  • 10 PDFs with 1 invoice per PDF will be accepted
  • 1 PDF with 10 invoices within will not be accepted
  • Emails must not exceed 10Mb

Please note:

  • Invoices which do not comply with above will not be processed
  • Please do not send statements to the invoice email address as this will halt processing. Persistent breaches of these guidelines will result in the supplier being blocked from this service
  • Queries cannot be accepted via the dedicated invoice email address. Please click here to contact us

Send Invoices by Post

We continue to operate our Post Room to manage the receipt of physical invoice copies. To avoid any delays, invoices sent by post should ensure they follow our Good Invoicing Practice.

Does my invoice meet the criteria?

Ensure all details are clearly quoted. Please refer to the ‘Good Invoicing Guide‘ on our website where all key elements are outlined. In addition, there is a standard invoice template if required.

How many characters can I quote as an invoice number?

Our system is able to process invoice numbers of up to 39 alphanumeric characters.

Why should I submit invoices to NHS SBS and not the client organisation?

Invoices need to be posted directly to NHS SBS unless specifically instructed otherwise by a client organisation. This exception normally only applies to pharmacy, catering, GP or optician payments as invoices can not be processed until received by NHS SBS. Any delays in delivery result in delays in payment.

How should optician vouchers and relating information be processed?

Vouchers or information containing Personal Identifiable Data (PID) must be forwarded directly to the client organisation and not to NHS SBS. Invoices should be forwarded to NHS SBS.

Payment of invoices

When will my invoice(s) be paid?

Invoices will be paid once they have been successfully matched to a purchase order or approved by the organisation receiving the goods/ services. NHS standard payment terms are 30 days from invoice date.

I have been told my invoice(s) is approved, why have I not been paid?

Any of the following may apply:

  • The invoice has been approved verbally, but not on the system.
  • A further hold has been applied to the invoice following approval.
  • Client instructs NHS SBS not to pay invoices via cheque over a certain amount.
  • This amount may vary from client to client. The payment will be delayed until bank details have been received and updated.
I am normally paid by cheque, how can I change to BACS payment?

If you are currently being paid by cheque and trading with CCGs, CSUs or NHS England your change needs to be submitted by completing  the ISFE Supplier Request Amendment form in full stating CHEQUE in the old bank details section. Once completed please return to

If trading with any other organisation NHS Trust etc your change needs to be submitted by completing  the PROVIDER Supplier Request Amendment form in full stating CHEQUE in the old bank details section. Once completed please return to

I need to change the email address for my remittance advices, what should I do?

  • If you are trading with CCGs, CSUs or NHS England your change needs to be submitted by completing  the ISFE Supplier Request Amendment form in full with your remittance changes. Once completed please return to
  • Suppliers who are a specific Classification GP PRACTICE- OPTHALMIC- or PCN trading with CCGs, CSUs or NHS England we are unable to amend any changes to yourselves as a supplier without a request coming from the PCSE team and NHS England  contact is made via the link PCN payments | PCSE ( please refer to the PCSE team. NHS Shared Business Services are unable to proceed on any changes without their specific authority.
  • If trading with any other organisation NHS Trust, Hospitals, CIC’s your change needs to be submitted by completing  the PROVIDER Supplier Request Amendment form in full with your remittance changes. Once completed please return to
I do not have access to email, how can I submit my bank details?

If you are an existing supplier trading with NHS Shared Business Services client organisations then your details must be submitted by the client.

I have received a remittance advice, but why have I not received payment?

Your payment is on its way. The remittance advice is automatically generated when payment is released.

Payment by BACS takes 3 working days to reach your bank and will clear on the 4th day.
Remittance advice for cheque payments are attached to the cheque.

What do NHS SBS do to chase my invoice?

  • Regular electronic notifications (reminders) are automatically sent to the client approver/ requisitioner for action. This notification is escalated as agreed by the client.
  • Client finance teams are sent regular reports of outstanding invoices that are situated with them.
  • Regular transactional calls are carried out between NHS SBS and clients to discuss outstanding invoices.
  • If there is a discrepancy between a Purchase Order and an invoice the client will be notified automatically.
  • In addition, the CSC will liaise with the client on your behalf when delays or issues have occurred.

Returned Invoices

I have had my claim form or voucher returned, what do I need to do?

Claim forms and vouchers are not legal invoices (usually containing personal identifiable data) and do not conform to standard invoicing practice, therefore they need to be sent directly to the client organisation. Clients will then submit these to NHS SBS in an appropriate format to avoid delays in payment.

Requests that do not conform to standard invoicing practice will be returned unpaid. Please visit the ‘Good Invoicing Practice‘, where our standard invoice templates can be downloaded.

What do I need to do if my invoice has been returned?

The reason for a returned invoice will be stated on an accompanying letter advising of the remedial action required. Please rectify the issue and resubmit your invoice through the normal channel. To confirm the correct details see the ‘Good Invoice Practice’.

One of the most common reasons for returned invoices is missing/ incorrect details within the billing address.

If you have had an invoice returned and require further information or advice, please contact our Client Service Centre on 0303 123 1177 quoting the call reference number on the letter. We will be pleased to offer support and guidance.

Contacting Client Service Centre (CSC)

With the exception of disputes, the CSC provides a single point of contact for both suppliers and clients, reducing the need for you to chase individuals and different departments.
Contact the CSC for all Accounts Payable related queries on 0303 123 1177 (9:00am-17:00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays) or contact us here.

Any queries concerning the information on an order received should be raised with the local Procurement department.

If an invoice is in dispute or a credit note is required, the client will contact suppliers directly to resolve and agree actions required.

What happens when you ring the CSC?

  • All calls are recorded for training purposes and details are logged on our query management system, which will generate a unique call reference and can be used for any follow up contact.
  • CSC will advise the status of an invoice, including any reasons for it being held (if advised by the client).
  • If your query cannot be resolved at the point of contact it will be assigned to the relevant team/ client for resolution.
What information is required when contacting the CSC?

  • Previous call reference for an outstanding query (if applicable)
  • Contact details including company name, contact name, email address, phone number
  • Client name
  • Invoice details including invoice number, amount, PO number (if applicable)
What is the best way of querying large volumes of invoices?

CSC can provide status updates for multiple invoices by email, which will enable you to reconcile your invoices. You must send your request to the CSC here; a separate web form is required for each client, containing an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet needs to contain:

  • Client name
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Invoice amount
  • Purchase order number if applicable
How do I sign up to receive Weekly Statements?

We have weekly statements available for distribution via email, giving a full list of unpaid and paid invoices in the last 60 days with appropriate supporting information.

If you would like to sign up to this, please contact us on 0303 123 1177, option 2.

Framework Agreements

What is a framework agreement?

A framework agreement is an agreement between a Contracting Authority (e.g. a Central Government Authority, an NHS Trust, or a Local Authority) and one or more suppliers. The purpose of the agreement is to establish the terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period, in particular with regard to price and quality, and where appropriate, the quantity.

All NHS SBS procurement framework agreements are Find a Tender Service (FTS) compliant, which removes the need to complete an FTS procurement process – this saves both valuable time and resource. NHS SBS framework agreement contracts cover health and corporate services including IT, legal, estates & facilities and business services amongst others.

Framework agreements from NHS SBS typically run for a period of four years and allow for both a further competition and, where appropriate, a direct award.

Who can use NHS SBS framework agreements?

Access to our framework agreements is free for all UK public sector organisations, including the NHS, local authorities, educational establishments, the emergency services and more. To find out more about who can access our framework agreements, view our approved organisations list

What are the benefits of using a framework agreement?

  • Easy for UK public sector organisations to access and utilise.
  • Designed to ensure competitive pricing, drive savings and improve efficiencies.
  • Offer a comprehensive choice of suppliers and excellent geographic coverage.
  • Customers can directly call-off, or run a further competition, for greater flexibility
  • If you require any help with developing specifications, running further competitions or identifying cost saving opportunities, our specialist category teams are here to help
Which goods and services are covered by NHS SBS framework agreements?

Our framework agreements cover a range of goods and services across healthcare and corporate. This ranges from clinical equipment, consumables and services to IT equipment and services, facilities, travel management and many more.

Our framework agreements are broken down into categories; Business Services, Construction & Estates, Digital and IT, and Health. View the full range here. You can also filter the framework agreement database by category, agreement, and expiry date to find the right framework agreement for you.

How do I become a supplier on an NHS SBS framework agreement?

By becoming a supplier on an NHS SBS framework agreement, you have the potential to provide goods and/or services to public sector organisations across the UK NHS SBS advertises tender opportunities (including those relating to framework agreements) electronically on Contracts Finder and Find a Tender.

How long do framework agreements last?

Framework agreements from NHS SBS typically run for a period of four years. You can find each agreement’s expiration date on our framework agreement page.

How do I let you know about a new innovative product/service?

Our procurement teams are keen to hear about any ideas that you may have for new products and services. To share initial information about your idea so that this can then be reviewed by the relevant team, please refer to the Supplier Innovation and Ideas section, where you can submit your idea online.

Can SMEs apply to become suppliers on an NHS SBS framework agreement?

Yes – small and medium enterprises, as with any other type of supplier, are welcome to express an interest in framework agreement opportunities. To do so, download the procurement documents to assess the opportunity and decide whether it may be suitable for your organisation.

How do I get a copy of framework agreement buying guides?

To find out more information about a framework agreement, or to source a framework buying guide, please register for our Customer Framework Agreement Portal.

Who do I contact at NHS SBS about framework agreements?

If you have any queries relating to the NHS SBS frameworks please use the Framework Enquiry Form or contact the team on 0113 307 1535.

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