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Microsoft Access Classroom Based Training Courses

Click on the blue links below to find out more information about the courses we offer:

   Access Fundamentals: Enter and edit data, run queries and reports.

   Access Querying a database: Create and run Access database queries.

   Access Relationships: Create relational databases, create main and sub tables, forms and queries using more than one table

   Access Design a database: Create a table, form, query and report from scratch.


What is Microsoft Access?

Microsoft Access is a database software programme.
A database is a collection of information with the information arranged in a structured way. Examples of paper databases are: a telephone book, card index, filing system.

Databases are used to:

  • Store and sort data
  • Find information
  • Extract information
  • Produce well-presented print-outs of the extracted information


Advantages of an electronic database compared with a paper database

  • Updates are much easier on a computer. You can quickly delete or edit the information
  • Computers use less space than a large paper filing system



If you are interested in other Microsoft courses, please select one of the topics below:








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