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Excel Dates and Times

Learn how to format and calculate with dates and times. Also included are a few Textual functions

Note: For our contracted customers (CCS and CPFT only), there is no charge for attending this course, as it's already covered by our partner Service Level Agreement.

It is important that before you attend this training course you are competent with the topics covered on the Microsoft Excel Fundamentals course and Calculating with Excel course. If not please use the links to register.

Excel Training Pre-requisites

Completed 1st

Completed 2nd
(in any order after the Fundamentals course)

Completed 3rd
(in any order after the Calculations course)

 ✓ Fundamentals ✓ Calculations
 ✓ Data Analytics - Part 1
 ✓ Tables
 ✓ Data Validation
 ✓ Pivot Tables, filter and sort
 ✓ Charts
 ✓ Data Formatting and Cleansing
 ✓ Dates and Times
 ✓ Data Analysis - Part 2 (max 4 delegates)
 ✓ Excel Macro Recording Fundamentals (on request - max 4 delegates


Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to use dates in excel to calculate e.g. waiting times, work out ages, create time sheets, etc, as well as how to format the date and times.


How long is the course?

3 hours



By the end of this course you will be able to format dates and times as well as create some useful formulas to help you in your work.


Course Content

  • Custom date formats & Number vs. Date
  • Defining date formulas as Names
  • Auto-filter and Sorting with Dates
  • Date shortcuts, keyboard and Auto-fill and Smart-tag
  • Data Validation
  • Conditional formatting with dates
  • Convert fractional time to hours and minutes
  • Converting text to dates (import from CSV or database using Text Import Wizard)
  • Convert text to dates using DATEVALUE, CONCATENATE, LEFT, MID and RIGHT formulas


Training Dates

Kingfisher House, Huntingdon:

  • Thursday 07 November 2019 - 13.30 to 16.30

Victoria House, Cambridge (CPFT employees only):

  • Friday 01 November 2019 - 09.30 to 12.30

Healthy Living Centre, Peterborough:

  • Dates on request only


If there are no suitable dates scheduled, please email the IT Training Team and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.


To book this course

NHS SBS staff - Email our Training Administration team
CPFT staff - Book via the Academy
CCS staff - Email our Training Administration team
Other organisations - Contact our IT Training team



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