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Microsoft Outlook Classroom Based Courses

Click on the blue links below to find out more information about the courses we offer:

   Outlook You've Got Mail: Anyone with little or no experience of using Microsoft Outlook but who needs to send, receive and manage emails as well as create your own contact address book.

   Outlook Get organised: Use an electronic calendar to record appointments and arrange meetings. Create and use an electronic contacts list and task list.


Email best practice

Are you aware of email etiquette?

Did you know that the following are all bad email practice?

  • Logging in as someone else - you should not know anyone elses passwords - Use the Delegate option
  • You should never give others your password - Use outlook permissions.
  • Leaving the subject blank - Always include a relevant subject. This applies to mail that you reply to or forward too
  • Typing in capital letters - this is considered to be shouting
  • Sending emails to a distribution list detailing when you are going to be away from the office - Use the Out of Office feature
  • Send emails to an entire organisation that is relevant only to a few staff
  • Storing out of date mail and never deleting them or the attachments
  • Use of quirky and difficult to read fonts in an email
  • Replying to all, instead of just to the sender
  • Marking everything you send as high importance
  • Putting read receipts on all mail that you send. This increases email traffic.
  • Printing emails to remind you to do something - Use flags or drag the email to your task list
  • Sending an email with your change of details - Use an autosignature
  • Sending mail with typing or spelling errors - Use the spell checker



If you are interested in other Microsoft courses, please select one of the topics below:








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