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Microsoft Visio Fundamentals

Note:Please note that there is a charge for attending this course. Please enquire with the training team.


Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to use Visio to create diagrams such as; flow charts and organisational charts.

It is important that before you attend this training course you are comfortable using Microsoft applications, e.g. Word, PowerPoint or Publisher. You do not need to have worked with Visio before, however, you do need to have access to Visio from your own Windows Citrix login account in order to be able to attend the training.

NB: Please make sure you book on the correct Office version, e.g. vs. 2010 or vs. 2016. See the dates below. Where the course content is different, [vs. 2016] has been added to the description.



How long is the course?

One day



By the end of this course, you will have a working knowledge of Visio's diagrams and be confident in working with shapes and creating a flowchart, as well as an organisational chart.


Course Content

  • Getting Started
    • What are templates, stencils and shapes?
    • Views and customisations
  • Drawing Basics
    • Creating, rotating, sizing and deleting basic shapes
    • Moving and copying shapes
    • Editing and Formatting shapes
    • Aligning shapes
    • Text to shapes
    • Shape Data
    • Shapes with special behaviours
    • Shape connectors
    • Snap and glue
    • Create stencils
  • My Shapes
    • Favourites
    • Create new stencils
    • Create new shapes
    • Backgrounds and watermarks
  • Backgrounds, Borders and Titles and Page Management
  • Organisational charts
  • Basic Flow charts and BPMN Flow Charts


Training Dates

Kingfisher House, Huntingdon

  • Dates on request only [vs. 2010]

Victoria House, Cambridge (CPFT employees only):

  • Dates on request only


If there are no suitable dates scheduled, please email the IT Training Team and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.


To book this course

NHS SBS staff - Email our Training Administration team
CPFT staff - Book via the Academy
CCS staff - Email our Training Administration team
Other organisations - Contact our IT Training team



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