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Microsoft Word Classroom Based Training Courses

Click on the blue links below to find out more information about the courses we offer:

   Word Fundamentals: Get started with creating documents using Microsoft Word.

   Word Tables: Learn how to create, format and troubleshoot tables.

   Word Document Design: Working with borders, headers and footers and section breaks.

   Word Mail Merge: Create mailing letters and labels.

   Word Exchanging Information: Using Word to collaborate with others.

   Word Working with Long Documents: Styles, Table of Contents, bookmarks, footnotes and Index.


What is Microsoft Word?

Word is a program you use to create letters, reports, memos and minutes and more

  • You can print documents out and store them for future use
  • You will never have to re-write a page if you make a mistake - just correct the mistake and carry on
  • It will recognise typing errors and can correct them for you
  • You can dramatically improve the presentation of your documents
  • You can send the same letter to a number of different people by merging the letter with a list of different names and addresses
  • Templates can be created and used for common types of documents such as fax header sheets, memos and minutes and Forms used for data entry



If you are interested in other Microsoft courses, please select one of the topics below:








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