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Hello Future!

The NHS Long-Term Plan promises a digital revolution when it comes to patient care and the tools NHS professionals have at their disposal. We want to introduce you to our new initiative, #HelloFuture, which translates this into truly leading-edge NHS corporate services. Read more about these brand-new ways of working and digital solutions that address the day-to-day challenges facing the NHS by clicking the image below.

NHS SBS Hello Future Booklet

Download NHS_SBS Hello Future Booklet [1MB]


As part of this, from now until the end of June, we are offering all NHS organisations a free, no-obligation insight into an area of their choice.

We know all NHS organisations are unique.  However, our work with nearly 40 per cent of providers and 100 per cent of commissioning organisations means we have wide and independent experience of the current landscape and challenges, which we are able to share with you.

We promise no sales patter; just unbiased and impartial advice on areas which are of particular concern to you. These might be:

• Recruitment or retention issues

• Compliant, cost-effective procurement


• Developing new place-based models of care

• Delivering the government's personalised care ambition

• Identifying and delivering sustainable efficiency savings

• And many more


How does it work?

Simply let us know, in as much detail as you can, the area(s) you'd particularly like to focus on.  We will contact you to discuss your requirements before pulling together an expert team to produce a brief insight report, including (for example) an analysis of your challenges; a benchmark against similar organisations and recommendations for improvements. 



Set up by the Department of Health and Social Care as the national delivery provider for corporate services, our joint venture with Sopra Steria means we combine investment capability and technology know-how with unique national and local health sector insight.

We are designing, developing and delivering services to benefit every NHS organisation in the country - now and in the future. Our services enable NHS partners to respond swiftly and effectively to new policies, guidance and legislative changes, helping them meet their targets, improve performance, strengthen their financial position and concentrate on patient care.

We are driving the digital transformation and much-needed modernisation of the NHS back and middle office. The aim is to ensure that business services are aligned to the Health Secretary's vision for a future technology-enabled NHS. Critically, this means supporting the long term success and sustainability of the healthcare organisations we work alongside.

The services we provide to over 40 per cent of the NHS, including around 130 providers and arm's length bodies - and every NHS commissioner in the country - are continually being enhanced. Often unseen, they underpin the delivery of world-class patient care.

Our #HelloFuture initiative demonstrates how we support NHS organisations to replace outdated, time-consuming and error-prone paper processes, with affordable digital systems and more efficient ways of working, all supported by people with specialist NHS and commercial expertise.


To request your free insight, click here.


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