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The Edge4Health

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The Edge4Health™ is a partnership between NHS Shared Business Services and Virtualstock. The cloud-based platform connects providers and suppliers all over the UK to improve efficiency, drive savings and heighten compliance with streamlined processes and total data control. It includes a consumer-style B2B marketplace, online catalogue management and procure-to-pay (P2P) functionality.

The Edge4Health is designed to interface with existing accounting and procurement technologies, driving efficiencies and improving compliance. The platform is GS1 and PEPPOL certified.

The Edge4Heath enables healthcare providers and suppliers to complete the perfect order.  We work in partnership with providers and suppliers to implement the platform and streamline NHS processes and systems.



The Edge4Health (E4H) programme is a key strategic priority for the NHS SBS. With Carter, the Future Operating Model and the eProcurement strategy all highlighting opportunities for supply chain digitalization to help drive the £5bn annual savings target, the E4H platform was designed to eliminate some of the barriers preventing Trusts from meeting their individual targets.



  • Cost savings
  • Improved efficiency
  • Increased compliance   
  • Total supply chain visibility/control



If you have any questions regarding The Edge4Health, click the ' I'd like to know more ' button  and get in touch.

I'd like to know more I'd Like to Know More


To learn more, visit the Edge4Health website at www.edge4health.co.uk

Provider benefits
The Edge4Health streamlines multiple systems and processes into one place to revolutionise procure to pay.
Supplier benefits
Supplier benefits of using The Edge4Health from NHS Shared Business Services.

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