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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our investment in RPA has enabled our people to do more value-added work for our NHS partners, by having robots take on repetitive, time-consuming, mundane tasks.

Image representing Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Case Studies

The success story below shows how our NHS partners can overcome the day-to-day challenges they face in the back and middle office.

RPA, Automation

NHS SBS drives efficiencies by deploying finance robots


RPA Robot iconIn  2018 we deployed our first robot and - in the period since - RPA has quickly become a standard part of our Finance & Accounting (F&A) service. Our RPA experience and sophistication has increased as our robot workforce has grown, not only in numbers, but also in complexity and efficiency.

We now have an optimised digital workforce of around 77 robots across our business, more than half of which are in F&A. Each one is capable of carrying out multiple processes and, together, we estimate they've saved in excess of 300,000 processing hours (and counting) - including staff time that can be diverted to dealing with more complex financial matters and carrying out more analytical work.

Our pioneering use of robots - and the sector-leading expertise we have developed in this area - means we now share learning with other public sector organisations from the UK and beyond.

Our RPA services include:


Code Review

Health Check
Consultancy - Our in-house,
fully-qualified specialists are able to
advise on all aspects of RPA,
from General Process Assessment,
to design programmes, to
software partner selection.
Code Review - To aid robots
in development to perform
effectively and efficiently.

Health Check - Review service
for business cases, plans,
robots that are being developed
and live robots.



FA line


Business CaseDevelopmentManaged RPA Service
Business Case - Our NHS partners are
supported step-by-step in developing
a business case for the introduction
of RPA including change management
and proof of concept.
Development - Providing the
resources and methodology to
create automated processes
on client-hosted robots.
Managed RPA Service - Partnering
with NHS systems to create
automated client processes on
NHS SBS-hosted robots.


Public Finance Awards 2020

We are an award-winning Robotic Process Automation service, having recently obtained the 'Digital Finance Project of the Year' at the prestigious Public Finance Awards 2020, for our sector-leading Robotic Process Automation programme and also gained recognition for our pioneering use of RPA to carry out repetitive financial processing tasks at the 2020 HTN awards, where we won in the 'Efficiency Savings of the Year' category.

HTN Awards 2020 


RPA brochure NHS SBS Robotic Process Automation brochure [336KB]


To find out how Robotic Process Automation from NHS SBS can support your organisation, please contact us here.


As part of 'Artificial Intelligence Week' from PublicTechnology.net, NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) automation expert, Mathieu Webster, joined UiPath's Ian McGregor to discuss the advantages of implementing technologies like robotics and machine learning within the public sector. 

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